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Worship Ministry

Our worship is informal and is based on the pattern of the Word of God. The role of the Worship Team is to not to be focal point for singing songs but to lead the fellowship into the presence of God in the their worship.

Our style of worship is contemporary and appeals to both young and old. We recognize the value of both traditional and new songs and use them both in our worship times, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and direct.

Total Worship

Total Worship Training Guitar Resources:

Learn to play the guitar with our step by step lessons: With a little study of these pages, and a lot of practise, anyone can play guitar, and if you already play, you may yet find the early lessons to be beneficial, to “fill in the gaps”.

It is our desire at Calvary Church to see people be all they can be, as servants, regardless of their God-chosen ministry, and hopefully these pages can contribute to that!

Happy strumming!!

Guitar Lessons available for download.

Download Lesson one powerpoint
Download Resource notes

Download Lesson two powerpoint
Download Lesson two notes

Download Lesson three powerpoint
Download Lesson three notes
Download Music Theory Notes and Test

Download Lesson four notes

Download Lesson five notes

Download Lesson six notes

Download Lesson seven notes

Download Lesson eight notes

Download Lesson nine notes

Download Lesson ten notes

Total Worship Training on the bass!

For anyone wanting to play the bass in a worship band setting, the following lessons are available for download.

Download Lesson one notes
Download Lesson two notes

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