PRAISE GATHERING 2024 – 22 & 23 June- Glasgow

An event not to be missed!


Our desire, as a church, is that you know your faith, grow in your faith and share your faith and yet it is the latter that we often find the most difficult part of our Christian life. This Thursday at Calvary Motherwell, as we continue our studies in Mark, we will show clearly how to practically be a “Fisher of Men”. And honestly, there should be nothing simpler and yet again we seem to make it so much more difficult than it is in reality. Join us if you can at 7.30pm on Thursday 6 June. This study will be as practical and beneficial and one, we believe, not to be missed! All welcome.


We’re back this Thursday in our study in Mark’s gospel and are looking forward to plunging again into the rich blessings of this gospel. We’re still in chapter 1 (surprise, surprise) and this week with be looking at Jesus’ baptism and also Jesus as baptizer with the Holy Spirit. 7.30pm in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary Motherwell and it’s open to all. Join us for a time of worship, study, communion and prayer.


We’re delighted to be hosting a Christian Life and Witness evening course at Calvary Motherwell on Thursday 16th May at 7pm. Presented by Peter from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, this FREE evening will help you confidently share your faith by giving principles for living a life that pleases God and points others to Him. You will get practical tips and advice for sharing the Gospel and learn how to help and support new Christians and help them grow in their faith.

Although its free, and of course all are welcome, it would help our preparation by signing up by either phoning the church office on 01698 254848 or sending an email to

All in preparation for the visit of Franklin Graham on 22nd June at the Hydro in Glasgow.


This Thursday (2 May) at Calvary Motherwell in our forensic study of Mark’s Gospel, we’ve hit the “pause” button again to have a deep look at…wait for it…”Repentance”! Yes, its a word that few people like and it wouldn’t be the “study of choice”. And yet what a blessing repentance is! Join us this Thursday at 7.30pm for an understanding of how it is possible to fully enjoy the blessings of repentance. Don’t miss this one!!! All welcome.

John the Baptist: The Man, Ministry & Message

As always, excited as we continue our studies in Mark’s gospel and particularly excited this week as we look at John the Baptist.

John the Baptist stands out as a memorable character. He lived in the wilderness, wore garments made of camel hair, ate locusts and wild honey, and was the cousin of Jesus Christ. John bridged the gap between the Old and New Testament and ended 400 years of silence on the expectation of the promised Messiah by preparing the way for the coming of Jesus. 

We will look at the example of John the Baptist as a witness who continually pointed to Jesus. His life and message were marked with simplicity, humility and sincerity. We can learn much from him as we share the gospel with others and seek to live our lives for Jesus.

This Thursday (25 April) at Calvary in Motherwell, we will be challenged by this servant of the Lord and discover lessons that we can take from this iconic preacher. If you’re free this Thursday, we extend to you a warm invitation to join with us.

New Study in Mark’s Gospel

So excited! Starting a new book of the Bible to study is always an awesome experience and so it will be as we begin Mark’s Gospel on Thursday at 7.30pm at Calvary Motherwell. If you’re a regular, looking forward to seeing you again. If you’ve never been before we extend to you a warm invitation to join with us as we study this incredible book. You will not be disappointed! We meet in the Fellowship Hall every Thursday at 7.30pm and of course, refreshments at the end! Be blessed!!!



We invite you to join us for a “forensic” in-depth study of Mark’s Gospel: a complete verse by verse commentary, comprehensive in scope and easy to understand practical truths and biblical principles, gaining new and fresh insights.

All welcome. Further info

Calvary, 344 Muir Street, Motherwell ML1 1BN

Friday Coffee Morning

Friday Coffee Morning back at Calvary Motherwell this Friday, 5 January 2024. As always free coffee, tea, cakes etc. 10am to Noon. Great place to meet up with some friends or even make new friends.

Micah 7:1-7 “Look, Wait, Hope” Sunday 28 March 2021