John the Baptist: The Man, Ministry & Message

As always, excited as we continue our studies in Mark’s gospel and particularly excited this week as we look at John the Baptist.

John the Baptist stands out as a memorable character. He lived in the wilderness, wore garments made of camel hair, ate locusts and wild honey, and was the cousin of Jesus Christ. John bridged the gap between the Old and New Testament and ended 400 years of silence on the expectation of the promised Messiah by preparing the way for the coming of Jesus. 

We will look at the example of John the Baptist as a witness who continually pointed to Jesus. His life and message were marked with simplicity, humility and sincerity. We can learn much from him as we share the gospel with others and seek to live our lives for Jesus.

This Thursday (25 April) at Calvary in Motherwell, we will be challenged by this servant of the Lord and discover lessons that we can take from this iconic preacher. If you’re free this Thursday, we extend to you a warm invitation to join with us.

New Study in Mark’s Gospel

So excited! Starting a new book of the Bible to study is always an awesome experience and so it will be as we begin Mark’s Gospel on Thursday at 7.30pm at Calvary Motherwell. If you’re a regular, looking forward to seeing you again. If you’ve never been before we extend to you a warm invitation to join with us as we study this incredible book. You will not be disappointed! We meet in the Fellowship Hall every Thursday at 7.30pm and of course, refreshments at the end! Be blessed!!!



We invite you to join us for a “forensic” in-depth study of Mark’s Gospel: a complete verse by verse commentary, comprehensive in scope and easy to understand practical truths and biblical principles, gaining new and fresh insights.

All welcome. Further info

Calvary, 344 Muir Street, Motherwell ML1 1BN

Friday Coffee Morning

Friday Coffee Morning back at Calvary Motherwell this Friday, 5 January 2024. As always free coffee, tea, cakes etc. 10am to Noon. Great place to meet up with some friends or even make new friends.

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