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Audio Studies

All Audio studies are provided by Teaching For Today – a ministry of Calvary Motherwell – are available in Windows Media and Realplayer formats.  We are also in the process of updating our Podcasts file so the up to date version will soon be available for download.

Current Studies

-+For several years we have put David’s studies online for you to access. Up until now these have mainly been in RealPlayer format which required RealPlayer, or podcasts which required to be downloaded. David’s studies are being put on our Teaching For Today site though it will take some time to get all the archived …

In Depth Studies

Thursday In Depth Study Series: The Gospel of John Chapter TextLink RealAudio Windows Media Introduction to John’s Gospel Introduction to John’s Gospel Part 2 The Word Became Flesh: John 1:1-4 Light Shines in the Darkness: John 1:4-5 The Example of John: John 1:6-9 “To As Many As Received Him”: John 1:10-13 Moved Into The Neighbourhood: …